Why Should You Join A Travel Community?

Submitted by: Richard Milhouse

If you have been wondering how a workplace buddy always seems to visit the best of the places in the world places you have never even heard of, perhaps it is time you became a part of a travel community as well. A travel community is essentially a group of people who all share the same passion of traveling.

A travel community can be an online or an offline group, though seeing the easy accessibility of the internet today; almost all offline travel communities have an online presence.

Being a part of a travel community is a great way to explore new places, meet new people and have a hassle free traveling arrangement. Since the people who make up this group are usually avid travelers themselves, they tend to share their experiences and their advices with the group.

Imagine planning to travel to a completely new destination. You may not have even heard of the name of this one. On top of it, you do not speak the language and do not know anyone who has ever been there. Tap into a travel community and you are sure to come across someone who is either from that place, or has been to the place before.


Members of a travel community not only share experiences, but also advice on what to pack, how to get around, places worth visiting, how much to tip, what to eat, what to buy and where to buy it from. Everybody has an opinion about places and people, and sometimes, it is worth finding out those opinions for yourself. If you are lucky enough, you may run into someone who shares the exact same taste in traveling as you do. You can work on their experiences and ensure that your trip is a complete success.

There are many travel communities that offer cultural exchanges. If you are a travel buff and are planning to travel on a budget to a new place, you can tap into a travel community and find someone who will be willing to give you some space to live in their own house. Some travel communities are also known to make specific arrangements where members plan their trips in such a way that they move simultaneously to each others cities and stay in each others homes.

There are many tips and guides awaiting those who are members to such travel communities. There is no dearth of information that you can find on a travel community when you are meaning to travel. Whether it is a hotel you are looking for on an overnight business stay in a new place, or a full fledged family vacation, you are sure to find some really useful information on the travel community.

Different travel communities have their own unique characteristics. There are some quirky communities that will tell you all about the lovely foods you can enjoy at various places or others where you can find all the information about international fashion and shopping venues. It is up to you which travel community you want to join and how you utilize this information provided by them.

A lot of times, seeing the enthusiasm of some of the fellow members of your travel community, you may feel the urge of traveling yourself, though you may not be much of a traveler yourself. For most people, the most useful purpose of a travel community is to get suggestions on places worth visiting for short breaks. Since short breaks are what most employed people can afford, this particular feature of a travel community is usually the most used.

Travel communities largely offer you the same information as that offered by travelogues and travel magazines. However, the one advantage that a travel community has over these other media is that travel communities are extremely interactive and offer you personalized information and tips.

Another advantage is that a travel community does not only stop at offering you tips and guides, but can also help you in making bookings, travel arrangements and arranging for a place to stay. If you are lucky enough to find a kindred spirit, you may even be able to plan some trips together with other members who are as eager to travel to a new place as you.

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