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Common Questions Regarding Maintenance Of Unilock Pavers In Connecticut

byAlma Abell

Unilock pavers in Connecticut offer a wide array of products in different colors and styles. They can help you to create your ideal space, with minimum effort. Using the maintenance tips here will help you to keep your pavers in great condition.

How do you de-ice the Unilock Pavers?

When you are applying any de-icing salts on your driveway you should use caution to ensure you do not use too much. It is important to use calcium based products or even rock salt, which is sodium Chloride, which are both safe for the de-icing process. It is also recommended that you stay away from any magnesium based products, as they can be very aggressive and cause serious damage on the surface.

Is shoveling a Unilock driveway possible without damaging the pavers that are present?

If you shovel the driveway, you should use a plastic shovel, or when you are plowing you need to use plastic protectors over the blades. If you use metal blades on a plow it can actually scratch the surface, which will ruin the entire appearance.

Should Unilock pavers be sealed and how soon should it be applied?

Sealing the pavers is a completely personal decision. This process is usually used to either deepen or enhance the color of the actual pavers and to also protect the surface from any staining materials. If you want to seal the pavers, then you should ensure that they are completely clean and that they are free from any type of efflorescence. It is recommended to wait approximately two to three months before applying the sealant.

Will resealing ever be necessary?

If you make the decision to seal your pavers, it is highly recommended that you reapply the sealer at least every three to five years. This is mainly due to the fact that it will wear away with time.

How do you prevent weeds from coming through the pavers?Weeds that pop up are not originating from beneath the pavers, but instead from seeds that wind up blowing from other places and that fall into the joints and then germinate. The ideal way to prevent any weed growth is to use a filling compound in the joints. Also, never place plastic beneath the pavers, as this will keep the joints completely wet and only make the weeds grow much faster. Click here to know more.


This is the category for cannabis, a drug with recreational and medicinal uses.

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  • 16 February 2018: United States: Berkeley, California declares itself a sanctuary city for recreational cannabis
  • 16 April 2017: Canada to legalise marijuana to ‘make it more difficult for kids to access’
  • 20 January 2017: Germany legalises medical use of cannabis
  • 12 January 2017: Artist who changed Hollywood sign to ‘Hollyweed’ surrenders to authorities
  • 3 January 2017: Hollywood sign modified to read ‘Hollyweed’
  • 31 December 2016: Helsinki court jails anti-drug chief Jari Aarnio for drug smuggling
  • 4 May 2014: First arrests made in Singapore for possession of New Psychoactive Substances
  • 22 April 2014: Glasgow cannabis enthusiasts celebrate ‘green’ on city green
  • 2 December 2013: Police report drug haul seizure worth up to £30 million in Brownhills, England
  • 5 June 2013: Scottish court jails Joseph Kearins for culpable homicide of Jordan McGuire

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Wikinews 2020: An ‘Original reporting’ year in review

Friday, January 1, 2021

After an active year of original content published on the English-language Wikinews, we take a look back at some of the two dozen-plus original reports from our contributors during 2020.

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Obama renominates Bernanke as US central banker

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

United States President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that he is nominating Ben Bernanke for a second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States.

Obama made the announcement during a brief break from his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

“The man next to me, Ben Bernanke, has led the Fed through one of the worst financial crises that this nation and the world has ever faced. As an expert on the causes of the Great Depression, I’m sure Ben never imagined that he would be part of a team responsible for preventing another. But because of his background, his temperament, his courage, and his creativity, that’s exactly what he has helped to achieve. And that is why I am re-appointing him to another term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve,” the President said.

Ben approached a financial system on the verge of collapse with calm and wisdom

“Ben approached a financial system on the verge of collapse with calm and wisdom; with bold action and outside-the-box thinking that has helped put the brakes on our economic freefall,” Obama added.

“We have been bold or deliberate as circumstances demanded, but our objective remains constant: to restore a more stable economic and financial environment in which opportunity can again flourish, and in which Americans’ hard work and creativity can receive their proper rewards,” Ben Bernanke said while accepting the nomination.

Ben Bernanke, who succeeded Alan Greenspan on February 1, 2006, will now face a Senate confirmation hearing.

“There will be a thorough and comprehensive confirmation hearing,” said Senator Christopher Dodd, who is the chair of the Senate Banking Committee. “I expect many serious questions will be raised about the role of the Federal Reserve moving forward and what authorities it should and should not have.”

“I am extremely pleased to learn that Ben Bernanke has been nominated for a second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve,” read a statement by Jean-Claude Trichet, the President of the European Central Bank. “We have had an excellent and very close working relationship during the current episode of exceptional challenges for the world economy. The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank have, together with other central banks, initiated an unprecedented level of close cooperation, which has been key in coping with the present situation.”

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Scotland Faces Shortage Of Dentists

Scotland faces shortage of Dentists



Oral healthcare becomes a critical issue when you are not able to find a good dentist. Recently it was revealed that Scotland does not have sufficient number of dentists. Numerous dental patients are thus left with no treatment. About 80,000 patients of Scotland cannot get treatment for their dental problems as they cannot access a dentist.

People of all age groups should be careful about their oral health as dental problems can arise at anytime. Nowadays people readily opt for cosmetic dentistry this again demands a good doctor. Choosing a dentist in countries where they are abundantly available can also be a major problem. It has to be kept in mind that even within the field of dentistry there exists different specializations and different procedures would require different types of dental specialists.

In order to ensure that you visit the most suitable dentist for your problem you should ensure the following –

* Visit the clinic to check whether they have sufficient staff for help.

YouTube Preview Image

* Most often dental doctors require anesthetists. Check with the doctor if a good anesthetists is available or not.

* The number of years the doctor has been practicing should be noted.

* There are several dental procedures that require knowledge and creative skills at the same time. Check out for the doctor s reputation in terms of both the aspects. Comparing the before/after images of patients can give you a good idea about a dentist s reputation.

* During a dental session a patient s comfort is very important. Check for all the equipments and technologies that a clinic has to ensure sufficient comfort for the patient.

* Always check what kind of special tools are being used for the treatment. Using laser light is a modern technology which a good dentist must have in his/her clinic.

* Never forget to check the pricing of the services provided. In case you find them substantially high, compare the rates with that of other doctors.

* If a person has dental insurance, it can ensure uninterrupted oral health care. It is always advisable to discuss such insurance with the doctor before going in for any treatment.

* Gentle Dental is a quality service provider for oral healthcare. Visit their website to check their service matrix and the dentists available at the clinic. One can also fix up appointments with doctors through the website.

Gentle Dental

dentist New York

offers high standard cosmetic treatment to restore health and beauty to your teeth.

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Libyan court upholds death sentence for foreign medics in HIV case

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Supreme Court in Libya has upheld the death sentence for five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian medical intern condemned for infecting 426 children with HIV. Just one day ago, a deal to free the foreign medics was announced.

The six defendants were not present at the court ruling, while family members of the children rejoiced when the judge confirmed the verdict. “This is a victory for the Libyan judiciary system. We are awaiting the execution of the death sentence,” said Al-Monseif Khalifa, a lawyer for the plaintives.

E.U. Commission President José Manuel Barroso remains hopeful that the medics will receive clemency. “We regret that these decisions have been made, but I also want to express my confidence that a solution will be found,” Barroso told the European Parliament.

Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov called for a quick solution. He said the verdict came as no surprise, and expressed his hope for a swift final solution. The case will now move to the Supreme Judiciary Council which will hear the case on Monday, according to Libya’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Shalgam. The Council is headed by the Justice Minister of Libya.

Late Tuesday, the Gaddafi Foundation, a non-profit run by the son of Libya’s de facto leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, said a deal had been reached to free the health workers. The head of the Association for the Families of the HIV-Infected Children, Idriss Lagha, also said announced that a deal could be reached soon.

After the verdict today, Salah Abdessalem, a spokesman for the Gadhafi International Foundation for Charity Associations, reconfirmed to the Associated Press that a settlement to free the detainees still exists, which he said was acceptable to all parties and would end the crisis, without giving further details.

Unnamed officials who wished to remain anonymous disclosed the deal would involve financial compensation in exchange for the death sentences being commuted to a prison sentence, according to the Associated Press. E.U. officials say the European Union would agree to establish a fund of tens of millions of dollars to pay for the children’s future medical care. Bulgaria and the European Union are calling it humanitarian aid instead of compensation, which would imply that their citizens would be guilty.

The convicted nurses and medical intern began working in the El-Fath Children’s Hospital in Benghazi in 1998, and were arrested and jailed one year later when over 400 children were found to be infected with HIV -over 50 have died since. They were sentenced to death in 2004, and again after a retrial last December which came after an international outcry about the affair.

A scientific report by professors Luc Montagnier (one of the original discoverers of the virus causing AIDS) and Vittorio Colizzi used as evidence for the defence in the case said that the virus causing AIDS was widely spread in the hospital before the health workers even arrived, and that the infections were due to negligence and poor hygiene procedures in the Benghazi hospital. The prosecution introduced a report of Libyan scientists saying that this was not the case. The detainees have said that they have been tortured to make confessions.

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Thousands flee violence in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reports more than 16,000 civilians have fled ethnic violence in the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The UNHCR says the refugees crossed the Oubangui River into neighboring Republic of Congo to find safety after their villages were burned.

The UN refugee agency reported that the mass exodus from the DRC’s remote Equateur Province took place last week. It says ethnic clashes broke out between the Enyele and Munzaya tribes over farming and fishing rights in the village of Dongo.

UNHCR spokesman Andrej Mahecic said that 60 people were killed, and the deadly fighting spread to surrounding villages, several of which were burned. He says 40 other people were seriously injured and some are being treated in hospital.

“The 16,000 DRC asylum seekers—who are mainly Munzayas—are staying in public buildings or with host communities across 11 villages alongside the Oubangui River,” he said.

“A UNHCR team is now visiting them and our initial assessment is that they need proper shelter, food and household items such as blankets, kitchen sets and jerry cans. Since a thorough assessment is made, we will work together with the government to help them. Some are also in need of medical care, but an over-stretched mobile clinic run by a UNHCR partner cannot cope with all their needs at the moment,” he added.

The first clashes between the Enyele and Munzaya occurred in March. More than 200 houses were burned in the village of Munzaya, and more than 1,200 residents fled to safety in the Republic of Congo.

Mahecic reported that the UNHCR is very concerned about the intensity of the violence and its spread to nearby villages. He says the villages have been virtually emptied of their inhabitants.

He says this latest violence, which is taking place in the west of the DRC is unrelated to fighting going on in the east, which has displaced 1.7 million people within the country.

Before the current influx, the UNHCR spokesman said the Republic of Congo already was hosting some 9,000 refugees from the DRC who had previously fled there to escape civil war in their country.

According to Mahecic, when the DRC’s civil war formally ended in 2003, large numbers of refugees returned home. But, he says this last group of 9,000 refugees does not want to return to the homes they fled in the DRC. They say they wish to settle permanently in the Republic of Congo.

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Organization of American States votes to lift Cuba suspension

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News outlets are reporting that the Organization of American States (OAS) has voted to rescind the 1962 suspension of Cuba. The Washington D.C. based organization had suspended the island nation in 1962, three years after Fidel Castro led the successful overthrow of the U.S. backed Batista government. At the time, the organization cited the incompatibility of Cuba’s Marxist-Leninist doctrine with its own charter.

Since Cuba’s suspension the U.S. government has stated that any lifting of the ban would depend upon both developments of personal freedoms and democratic reforms on the island. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had stated at the OAS meeting that “membership in the OAS must come with responsibilities;” however, the U.S. delegation left before the final vote citing the inability of the organization to reach an agreement on the issue of Cuba.

Many Latin American governments, most of whom have long since called for the lifting of the Cuban suspension without precondition, have applauded the vote. Honduran President Zelaya declared that “the cold war has ended,” while the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Fander Falconí, stated that “this is a moment of rejoicing for all of Latin America.” Falconí was careful to clarify that although the vote itself was voted upon “without conditions,” it was not an open invitation to the Cuban government to take a seat at the organization. The vote removes the ban upon Cuba’s membership, but OAS member states must still satisfy OAS requirements and conventions on human rights.

U.S. State Department spokesman Robert Wood said that the United States had worked to ensure “the return of Cuba to participation in the OAS will be done consistent with the principles and purposes of the democracy and human rights.”

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Ways Funeral Directors In Middletown Can Help Survivors Handle Arrangements For A Loved One Who Has Recently Passed

byAlma Abell

After a loved one passes, it can be a very emotional and difficult time for those they leave behind. Unfortunately, those who the deceased person was closest to are generally the ones who must begin planning the burial, cremation and funeral for their loved one. While many times a person may have left detailed instructions on how they want their remains to be handled, often they have not and this means the loved one will be responsible for making these types of decisions as well. This can be a lot for a person who is grieving to handle and often speaking to Funeral Directors in Middletown can be beneficial in helping them to get through this process.

In most cases, planning a burial or cremation will involve a number of choices and decisions to be made. Often just making these types of decisions during such an emotional time can be overwhelming for the survivors. By having a professional who not only understands the process but also what the survivors are going through, it can be much easier for everyone to handle.

Funeral Directors in Middletown will know what types of arrangements need to be made for the body and any services being planned. They can help by guiding the survivors charged with making the arrangements through the various steps in the process. From obtaining the body from the morgue or other facility to preparing it for a funeral or cremation, a funeral director will know what needs to be done and will handle it quickly and efficiently.

Once the decisions about burial or cremation have been made, a funeral director from a business, like John P. Condon Funeral Home, will be able to help the family in choosing the casket or urn for the remains. They can also make sure the family has a burial plot or other type of arrangements if necessary.

The funeral directors are generally also helpful in setting up a service at a chapel or other type of facility as well. Most funeral homes offer these types of facilities for use during the wake, funeral or memorial service. While the family can set these types of services up to reflect their personal needs, the funeral home will often be on hand to help in guiding them through the various options available and can often provide music, a speaker or other services as needed as well.

3000 homeless after fire breaks out in Chad refugee camp

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A fire broke out in a refugee camp in eastern Chad Friday, leaving 3,000 people homeless and injuring 10, according to the United Nations (UN) refugee agency United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Refugees have been living in the camp as a result of the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan.

The fire started in the Goz Amer camp triggered by a cooking fire that had gone unwatched. The fire moved quickly through the camp due to high winds. Many of the refugees lost all of their belongings and food rations in the blaze. After receiving tents from the UNHCR in 2004, many of the refugees built traditional dwellings out of sticks and mud, and these shelters burned rapidly in the fire.

In a UNHCR press release, Emmanuel Uwurukundo, acting UNHCR head in Koukou-Angarana said: “Everybody around, refugees and all our partners alike, rushed to the spot and tried to extinguish the fire with whatever they had: clothes, extinguishers and water. The teamwork was outstanding.”

The refugees have already suffered so much tragedy and now face yet another trauma.

In Geneva the UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres commented on the situation: “The refugees have already suffered so much tragedy and now face yet another trauma. I am deeply relieved that there was no loss of life in this devastating fire. We will do everything we can to help and to get shelter and food supplies to them as quickly as possible.”

Families affected by the fire were housed at three area schools, and the UNHCR announced on Friday that it planned to deliver aid supplies including sleeping mats, blankets and kitchen sets. The World Food Programme was also asked by the UNHCR for an extra monthly food ration to be delivered to the families whose homes were destroyed in the blaze.

The Goz Amer camp houses about 20,500 refugees, and is located approximately 70 kilometers from the Sudanese border. Goz Amer is one of 12 UNHCR-run camps along the Chad-Sudan which all told contain over 240,000 refugees from Darfur.

Chad and Sudan signed a peace agreement on March 13 in an attempt to end a five-year conflict, and the leaders of both countries agreed not to back rebel groups that are active near their borders.

Approximately 2.2 million people from the Darfur region have left their homes since the beginning of the violence in 2003. The UN puts the number of deaths due to the Darfur conflict at over 200,000, and the Sudanese government has said that only 9,000 have died.

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