What Is A Green Construction?}

What is a Green Construction?



Zack Verde

As people begin to realize the impact we make on the world around us, going green is becoming a phenomenon. So, just what is green construction?

There has been an increasing concern with environmental and pollution issues in recent years. This has not come about completely without some serious justification. All indications are that we are in a serious crisis. The green construction movement is a reaction to this crisis. Green construction is a home, building, or other structure that is built, maintained, repaired, or even demolished with thought to the environmental impact. This impact may take several forms.One of these forms is energy efficiency. The production of electricity from the burning of fossil fuels is one of the most harmful activities to the environment in existence today. Green structures incorporate renewable energy sources that might include the use of wind, solar, low impact hydropower, or biothermal energy. The source of power is not the only concern. Another concern is the reduction of power use in lighting and appliances.Water pollution is another concern addressed in green construction. This is especially true in the case of urban runoff. Storm water runoff is a major source of pollution in rivers and lakes. Green structures take into consideration the reduction of all toxic materials. This includes mercury, asbestos, and lead. These three substances have been linked to major health problems.Green Building also is involved in waste. Waste is a key word. Waste can be reduced. It can be reused and recycled. The reduction of waste in construction, or renovation, and even demolition involves such things as proper disposal of materials. Landscaping is also involved. Large scale landscaping projects involved with Green Building seek to protect and preserve natural resources as much as possible.The above are just some of the factors that are part of the green construction movement. They have in common a concern for the environment. There are a wide range of issues that are nearing the real danger point. Global warming has become more than just a liberal hobby, and a recognized scientific fact. Pollution of the sea and the waterways is endemic and increasing. Asbestos and lead have poisoned and sickened thousands. People are beginning to wake up and realize that we live on a fragile planet and we continue to abuse it at our risk. The green construction movement is a place to stop the slide, and return to sanity. It is a grassroots movement that offers hope not only to us, but also to the generations that will follow us upon this earth.

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What is a Green Construction?