The Risks Of Wurn Technique

By Layne Emerson

Massage therapy has always been the natural solution in solving problems of the human body. Aside from being a natural method, it also uses the knowledge in human anatomy in order to avoid damaging any part of the body while doing good to improve the overall health of the patient. There are many different types of massage to choose from depending on your preference or the condition you have.

For individuals with problems like infertility, the ideal massage therapies would be the Wurn Technique and the Mayan abdominal massage. Both of these uses techniques aimed in providing relief in the abdominal region of the body, especially in the uterus. Basically, both methods were developed for women as most of the infertile populations are female.

Larry Wurn is the developer and founder of the Wurn technique which was first used on his wife who suffered from several surgeries. Aside from those surgeries, she also had pelvic radiation which battered her physical health as a woman. The therapy however was effective and successful in treating her condition. Eventually, the technique was opened to the public which is the reason why we are enjoying such an impressive therapy with great effects in improving the fertility.


Like all other types of therapeutic massage, the Wurn technique also includes its own shares of risks. Most of the risks in every massage therapies conducted all over the world are primarily due to the malpractice or improper manipulation of the massage therapist. This is where the need for a certified, well trained, experienced, and highly skilled therapist is important.

The therapy may not be suitable for the elderly population due to the use of deep pressure that can be quite painful for such frail bodies. Seniors should seek therapies that involve gentle and slow therapeutic techniques. Pregnant women in their first 20 weeks should not consider adding this therapy on their regular medical care as it can force miscarriage due to the application of force while performing deep penetrating massage techniques that addresses adhesions in the tissues.

The principle of this massage technique follows the idea of freeing the body from adhesions in order for the parts to work properly and at their best level. Adhesions or any buildup in the tissues on various areas of the body are removed and eliminated by applying pressure to release tension within those areas. The massage strokes and techniques used help in stretching and stimulating the tissues in order release tension and break muscle stiffness. However, without proper manipulation, the therapist may damage the tissue, nerve and even the internal organs while performing the technique on the abdomen of the client.

Due to this reasons, I would recommend anyone who wishes to try this therapy or basically any type of therapeutic massage to get in touch with your doctor prior to any therapy. Never take chances on any treatment regardless of the therapy being natural and surgery-free. Keep in mind that when your health is on the line, make sure that you only get the benefits while avoiding having risks out of the therapy.

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