How To Start Your Own Baby Food Business Part #6: Manufacturing Vs. Catering

Handmade Baby Food vs. Commercially Produced, Store Bought Baby Food

Food from your baby food catering business will be differentiated from commercial, factory produced baby food in the following ways:

People & Production

Your baby food is made-by-hand by individuals who are committed to the quality of the baby food. At least one certified chef is on duty at all times supervising the process and ensuring that ingredient and cooking standards are met. The food is made in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen like the ones used by top chefs.

Commercial baby food is produced in mass in a factory or co-packing facility. More often than not, baby food is not the only food product produced in the facility. Typically baby food is made by workers that do not have culinary training and do not have a passion or commitment to high quality baby food.

Hand Selection of Ingredients

Each and every ingredient in your baby food, down to the smallest berry, is hand selected to ensure that it is of the highest quality and to make sure that it is completely ripe.

Commercial baby food is made from massive deliveries of bulk produce that arrive on loading docks. Food quickly passes by workers on conveyer beltsthere is little time for manual inspection.

Source & Quality

The majority of the ingredients in your baby food are locally grown. They are picked only when fully ripe and go from the field to our kitchen within a matter of days, sometimes hours.

Produce used to make commercial baby food comes from multiple sources and multiple countries. It is often picked before fully ripened, to withstand the long transport from the field to the factory. Sometimes produce becomes over-ripe or rotten as it sits on trucks, in warehouses, or on loading docks for days or weeks.


You use only 100% organic ingredients that are never stored near other non-organic ingredients or produced alongside non-organic foods.

Even foods that are made with organic ingredients can be contaminated with pesticides when they are transported or stored with or near non-organic ingredients or produced in a facility that also makes non-organic food products. Commercial baby food is often made in large factories or by co-packers that also produce non-organic foods.


All of produce used in the production of your baby food is individually washed or scrubbed by hand.

In commercial baby food factories, produce is either rinsed as it passes under a sprayer on a conveyer belt or it may be allowed to sit in a vat of water to be cleaned. Often the process involves cleaning agents or chemicals.


All the produce used in the production of your baby food is peeled, cored, or diced by hand. This provides a second inspection of the ingredient before cooking.

Produce used to make commercial baby food is peeled, processed, and cut by machines in large batches. Seeds, stems, rotten spots, etc. can easily go over looked and may be included in the final product.


The majority of your baby food made using produce that has been gently steamed to ensure that the vitamins and nutrients are not “cooked out” of the food. This process also helps the food to retain its natural color. Some foods are baked or roasted whole to ensure that the natural juices are retained.

Commercial baby food is boiled in large vats or cooked quickly in giant, super heated ovens. Both processes are designed to cook the food as quickly as possible so large amounts can be produced at once. The food must be cooked at high enough temperatures to be sterilized in order for it to sit in a warehouse or on a store shelf for long periods of time. Essential nutrients and natural colors are lost. Vitamins and color must be added back into the food. This is accomplished using either synthetic materials or fruit/vegetable concentrates or dyes. Some food dyes are made using ground insects.


Your baby food is pureed in small batches which are weighed and measured by hand. Each batch is checked and rechecked to ensure a smooth or creamy texture.

Commercial baby food is ground in large, industrial vats. Sometimes tons of food is processed at once.


You add only a small amount of distilled water to your foodjust enough to allow for a smooth puree. Because we add such a small amount of water, there is no need to add thickening agents.

Large amounts of water are added to commercial baby food to “thin it out”. This allows the company to get more baby food out of each pound of produce (water is cheap) thus increasing company profits while nutritionally cheating babies. Thickening agents, such as starch, are then added (starch is cheap too). Thickening agents also “stabilize” factory-made foods by keeping the complex mixtures of oils, water, acids, and solids well mixed.

Quality Control

At every point in the cooking and pureeing process the temperature of the food is checked and rechecked to ensure that the correct temperature and consistency is being met. Temperature is monitored during the cooking process to make certain that vital vitamins and minerals are not “cooked out”, and as food is cooled to avoid pathogen growth.

Most of the production is often monitored by computers rather than humans.


Your baby food is packaged by a person, giving it one final quality check.

Commercial baby food is packaged by big machines that squirt food into jars or containers with no one overseeing the process.

Freshness, No preservatives

Your stores/kitchen/etc.make fresh baby food daily. You only make enough food to fulfill the needs of for the current week. Your baby food is sold or delivered to customers within 24 to 48 hours of being made. There is no need to add preservatives and no food is wasted.

Commercial baby food is made in mass. Tens of thousands of “units” of baby food are produced each day. Commercial baby food can sit in a warehouse or on a store shelf for up to 2 years. The companies must add chemical or natural preservatives to keep the food from degrading. Even frozen baby food in the grocery store can sit in the freezer for months before it is sold.

What Is A Green Construction?}

What is a Green Construction?



Zack Verde

As people begin to realize the impact we make on the world around us, going green is becoming a phenomenon. So, just what is green construction?

There has been an increasing concern with environmental and pollution issues in recent years. This has not come about completely without some serious justification. All indications are that we are in a serious crisis. The green construction movement is a reaction to this crisis. Green construction is a home, building, or other structure that is built, maintained, repaired, or even demolished with thought to the environmental impact. This impact may take several forms.One of these forms is energy efficiency. The production of electricity from the burning of fossil fuels is one of the most harmful activities to the environment in existence today. Green structures incorporate renewable energy sources that might include the use of wind, solar, low impact hydropower, or biothermal energy. The source of power is not the only concern. Another concern is the reduction of power use in lighting and appliances.Water pollution is another concern addressed in green construction. This is especially true in the case of urban runoff. Storm water runoff is a major source of pollution in rivers and lakes. Green structures take into consideration the reduction of all toxic materials. This includes mercury, asbestos, and lead. These three substances have been linked to major health problems.Green Building also is involved in waste. Waste is a key word. Waste can be reduced. It can be reused and recycled. The reduction of waste in construction, or renovation, and even demolition involves such things as proper disposal of materials. Landscaping is also involved. Large scale landscaping projects involved with Green Building seek to protect and preserve natural resources as much as possible.The above are just some of the factors that are part of the green construction movement. They have in common a concern for the environment. There are a wide range of issues that are nearing the real danger point. Global warming has become more than just a liberal hobby, and a recognized scientific fact. Pollution of the sea and the waterways is endemic and increasing. Asbestos and lead have poisoned and sickened thousands. People are beginning to wake up and realize that we live on a fragile planet and we continue to abuse it at our risk. The green construction movement is a place to stop the slide, and return to sanity. It is a grassroots movement that offers hope not only to us, but also to the generations that will follow us upon this earth.

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What is a Green Construction?

Licenses, Certificates &Amp; Permits Under Home Building Act

By Manoj Narsey – LAC Lawyers

The word “Gold” is no longer associated with a licence. Instead it is now called a contractor licence. To obtain licences or certificates, you need to hold necessary qualifications approved by the Office of Fair Trading (“OFT”). Industry experience or the “20 year rule” is no longer applicable.


A contractor licence authorizes an individual to do any residential building work or specialist work as described in the licence and enter into a contract for home building work accordingly.

If a contractor is operating under a company or partnership, then the company or partnership should also hold a contractor licence. All companies and partnerships should nominate a supervisor. If a supervisor resigns, another has to be nominated within 30 days.

Builders or contractors working or managing others in carrying out any new building work, renovations or alterations require a contractor licence.


Building consultants who carry out pre-purchase inspections of residential dwellings now need to hold a building consultancy licence. Building consultants are also required to have professional indemnity insurance.


A supervisor is a person responsible for supervising the work under a home building contract on behalf of a company or partnership. The supervisor may hold a contractor licence or a qualified supervisor certificate.

Unless it is specialist work which requires a contractor’s licence, tradespersons under supervision such as concreters, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roof tillers, plasterers, tillers, painters, fencers and gasfitters require certificates in the particular field of work.


An owner of a land who wishes to build a single dwelling or a dual occupancy house or carry out any other residential building work must apply for an owner-builder permit. A person can apply for an owner-builder permit once every 5 years unless the application and permit relates to the same land or special circumstance exist.

Need to have appropriate licence

A person cannot do any residential building work over a $1,000.00 (inclusive of labour and material) without appropriate licence under the law. Such person can also be prosecuted. Some specialist tradespersons for plumbing, drainage, gas fitting, air conditioning and refrigeration work however are required to have a licence regardless of the value of the work.

It is also a requirement under the law that all builders and tradespersons should display their licence number on all of their advertisements. In order to maintain their licences, the licence holders also have to complete 100 points in continuing professional development over a 3 year period.

The OFT may reject an application for a licence or certificate if the applicant is not a fit and proper person or is mentally incapacitated or is disqualified from holding a licence. The OFT can also discipline a licence holder, suspend or cancel a licence.

About the Author: Manoj Narsey is a solicitor employed at LAC Building Construction Lawyers Sydney. He has nearly 12 years experience as a lawyer.


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The Risks Of Wurn Technique

By Layne Emerson

Massage therapy has always been the natural solution in solving problems of the human body. Aside from being a natural method, it also uses the knowledge in human anatomy in order to avoid damaging any part of the body while doing good to improve the overall health of the patient. There are many different types of massage to choose from depending on your preference or the condition you have.

For individuals with problems like infertility, the ideal massage therapies would be the Wurn Technique and the Mayan abdominal massage. Both of these uses techniques aimed in providing relief in the abdominal region of the body, especially in the uterus. Basically, both methods were developed for women as most of the infertile populations are female.

Larry Wurn is the developer and founder of the Wurn technique which was first used on his wife who suffered from several surgeries. Aside from those surgeries, she also had pelvic radiation which battered her physical health as a woman. The therapy however was effective and successful in treating her condition. Eventually, the technique was opened to the public which is the reason why we are enjoying such an impressive therapy with great effects in improving the fertility.


Like all other types of therapeutic massage, the Wurn technique also includes its own shares of risks. Most of the risks in every massage therapies conducted all over the world are primarily due to the malpractice or improper manipulation of the massage therapist. This is where the need for a certified, well trained, experienced, and highly skilled therapist is important.

The therapy may not be suitable for the elderly population due to the use of deep pressure that can be quite painful for such frail bodies. Seniors should seek therapies that involve gentle and slow therapeutic techniques. Pregnant women in their first 20 weeks should not consider adding this therapy on their regular medical care as it can force miscarriage due to the application of force while performing deep penetrating massage techniques that addresses adhesions in the tissues.

The principle of this massage technique follows the idea of freeing the body from adhesions in order for the parts to work properly and at their best level. Adhesions or any buildup in the tissues on various areas of the body are removed and eliminated by applying pressure to release tension within those areas. The massage strokes and techniques used help in stretching and stimulating the tissues in order release tension and break muscle stiffness. However, without proper manipulation, the therapist may damage the tissue, nerve and even the internal organs while performing the technique on the abdomen of the client.

Due to this reasons, I would recommend anyone who wishes to try this therapy or basically any type of therapeutic massage to get in touch with your doctor prior to any therapy. Never take chances on any treatment regardless of the therapy being natural and surgery-free. Keep in mind that when your health is on the line, make sure that you only get the benefits while avoiding having risks out of the therapy.

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Get Professional Help For Taking Care Of Uncore Administrative Tasks

Get Professional Help For Taking Care of Uncore Administrative Tasks



Personal assistants are fundamentally trained professionals helping businessmen by taking care of all the non-core task of business that prevents them from focusing on the activities that will be of great use in developing their business. Hiring dedicated personnel for this position will enable businessmen to lay attention on their business s core task thereby offering them a chance to earn better revenue. Dedicated personnel will sure be in a position to relieve the business owners from the huge work pressure. He/she specializes in different activities pertaining to internet marketing, web development, real estate, financing, etc When an off-shore personnel is selected, he/she will not only reduce the work pressure, but will also enable the businessmen to save a huge sum of money in hiring a permanent staff for this position. Candidates appointed for this position, should not only be problem solvers, but they should also possess the ability of out of the box thinking.

With the ever-expanding role of personal assistant, there are many good companies offering personal assistant services. These firms have a number of PAs working for them and whenever one of their client is in need of a personal assistant, just for taking care of a particular function in his/her home or office or whenever a businessman is looking for a PA for taking care of his/her day-to-day non-core business activities, these firms select the appropriate personnel from the pool of personnel working for them in such a way that the client s requirement can be met immediately. Two things that can be saved by businessmen by making use of these services are time and money.


There are good firms offering personal assistant services at affordable cost in such a way that their clients can get free time that can be utilized efficiently on the core activities that can contribute towards the development of business. This is because, the personnel offered by these firms will take care of all the non-core activities pertaining to their business and they can also earn good Return on Investment. Rather than appointing regular personnel on payroll for this position, when the services of these companies are acquired, organizations can save huge amount of money on workman s compensation, employment benefits, pay roll taxes, etc and they can just pay for the services offered by the firm, rather than for the work delivered by the PA. So, get the help the best firm and develop your business without any hassle.

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Top 10 Ways A Client Can Utilize A Virtual Assistant (Va)

Submitted by: Tawnya Sutherland

The Virtual Assistant industry is on the rise as more and more businesses use this service to outsource some of their tasks. The internet has enabled professional Administrative Assistants to leave the corporate world and set up their own businesses, providing skilled support to busy entrepreneurs and business managers.

If you have come to the conclusion that you can no longer keep up to the increasing demands of your growing business and you need someone to assist with your daily duties, you may find the following list helpful.

In determining whether contracting a Virtual Assistant is the best option for your particular circumstances, begin by reviewing these ideas and then formulating your own plan, taking into consideration what you would like to start delegating. Then, as you establish an ongoing relationship with a Virtual Assistant, you can change, add or delete duties and projects, customizing what works best for you. One thing you can always count on is that your Virtual Assistant will always be ready and flexible to change and grow with you as they come to learn your business and your unique needs.

1.A VA can organize, write and send newsletters allowing you valuable time to service your customers.


2.A VA can manage and organize your database ensuring information is always up to date and readily accessible when contacting customers or sending out sales and marketing information.

3.VA s have great organization skills when it comes to keeping communication going. As a single contact source, a VA can act as liaison between management and staff keeping information flowing.

4.Your web site is your portal to the world. A VA will perform regular updates and upload edits it in a timely manner freeing up your valuable time for other priorities.

5.Let a VA assume your Bookkeeping requirements. By delegating this important task, you can rest assured that all your accounting will be properly managed and bills paid on time.

6.Research can become very time consuming. Rather than bogging down busy in-house staff on a project, hire a specialized VA in the field of research who will provide you with the content you are looking for.

7.A VA can manage your emails and calendar, schedule appointments or make travel arrangements. It s like having your own personal Secretary on hand. Don t miss another appointment or double-book a meeting by having your VA taking care of the details.

8.As part of your team and familiar with all aspects of your business, a VA can easily create effective PowerPoint or web-based presentations for your company.

9.A VA can assist you with preparing reports, article submissions and press release submissions. Materials will be professionally packaged for each specific media or business type. Printed and electronic materials will be edited and proofread to ensure you are making the right impression.

10.Partnering with a VA in another country half-way around the world will allow you to have your work completed while you sleep. Everything will be ready and waiting for you as you arrive in your office the next day.

About the Author: Source: Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA)

The ever popular, friendly, informative, educational & resourceful network for successful and aspiring “IN THE KNOW” Virtual Assistants and Achievers globally that everyone online is talking about.


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E Mule Free Download Enjoy Emule Free Download!

By Anu Kool

The worldwide web is undeniably gaining its popularity as time passes by. This is because of the countless benefits that it can offer to everyone especially to those who often rely on the web. As a matter of fact, the programs on the computers specifically on the worldwide web are indeed very helpful. The emule is one of the significant programs nowadays. Furthermore, the worldwide web already offers emule free download.

Yes, you can now download for free the emule software. But let me first acquaint you to the world of emule especially if you are a novice in the world of computer programs. Emule was created by Merkur on the 13th of May in the year of 2002. The emule is actually an advanced type of the eDonkey2000 client. Merkur was not satisfied with how the eDonkey2000 worked thus he decided to create new software. The emule was then became a realization with the help of other developers.


Emule is one of the most dependable peer-to-peer applications of sharing all the files from different clients worldwide. Its name actually comes from an animal which is similar to a donkey but more commonly known as mule. This is the funny thing about emule. The efficiency of the emule is due to its open policy. This policy allows you as well as the developers to contribute more projects. Also, you dont have to worry anymore if where you can find emule because you can download emule free already nowadays.

Emule has a lot of features to offer. Thus, it is deemed to be necessary for you to have an emule free download. With emule, you can chat globally with the other chatters and downloader due to the built in IRC. Also, the said program can allow you to connect some various networks into one. Furthermore, the emule has the capability to speed up the corrupted parts correction via its Intelligent Corruption Control or simply known as ICC. You are also assured that you will be getting the file that you really need because of the emules Credit and Queue system. You also do not have to monitor all downloads because of the Auto priorities and the Source management. Emule is also a hundred percent free of adware and spyware leaving your networks as well as your computers safe. Also, the emule can allow you to preview all your audio and video downloads through the Preview function.

Indeed, emule is necessary in terms of sharing files. You can undoubtedly download emule free with its availability on the worldwide web. Rest assured that you will be benefited with the outstanding features that the emule can offer. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about anything because the emule assures you of a free adware and spyware downloads. So now, to get started with sharing files with other clients all over the world, what you just need is an emule free download. Certainly, file sharing can be easily done without any sweat at all through emule. So, what are you waiting for, download now the emule and enjoy sharing numerous files. Get the latest version of emule at

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Skin Care Benefits Of Carrot Seed Oil}

Skin Care Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil


bionovaCarrot seed oil may be a golden-yellow coloured liquid extracted from the dehydrated seeds and roots of carrot through steam distillation methodology. It’s long been thought-about as a natural health remedy everywhere the world due to its high nutrient content. However with the exception of its health advantages, it is often used as a beauty aid too. Carrot seed oil is an economical emollient, that helps lubricate the cells present within the surface layer of the skin by restoring their lost wet. It not only hydrates the skin by leveling its natural oil content, however also makes the dry and rough tissues softer. Moreover, the distinctive composition of the oil moisturizes the skin utterly while not creating it greasy or preventive the pores. It’s already been same that carrot seed oil has wonderful anti-aging properties. Similarly, it is often used for repairing skin damages similarly as restoring its natural health too. The oil contains lots of carotol’, tocopherol and vitamin C, that area unit illustrious to renew our skin cells, keep them sufficiently hydrous and defends them from sun, environmental and stress-related damages severally. So, regular usage of the oil will really rejuvenate the uninteresting, lifeless skin by repairing it completely and promoting the expansion of recent cells.

We know carrots are sensible for the eyes. However carrot oil for the hair and skin? This looks like a really strange preposition to mention the smallest amount. If you’re going put carrot oil on your hair and skin you would possibly in addition rub marshmallows in your hair and skin. There are real advantages for people that have dared to travel against the grain and incorporate carrot oil in their hair and skin conditioning. Carrot oil is very healthy for your skin and hair. Carrot oil is extracted directly from the dried seeds of carrots by steam distillation and in its best and purest type it’s created into a thick orange-colored paste which will work wonders for the skin and hair. Use caution once applying it to your skin or hair as a result of a bit goes a protracted manner. This known oil is understood for its antibacterial drug and healing properties. This light oil is very capable of infusing wet into the skin; scalp and hair. Carrot oil has several nutrients that are useful for hair like vitamin A and E. This oil will prevent hair loss and promote hair growth that indirectly retains the expansion of the hair. It also leaves hair wanting shinier. It’s a superb moisturizer for hair and skin. Any advantages for hair are: as we tend to mentioned earlier promotes hair growth, makes hair soft, shiny and smooth. It improves blood circulation and strengthens hair roots. It protects hair from environmental damages, like daylight and pollution. You’ll be able to use carrot oil during a therapeutic hair mask which can greatly facilitate together with your hair and scalp nourishment. You’ll be able to use carrot oil as a hair conditioner. Try this by heating up a cup of carrot oil and swing it during a bowl and applying it gently to your hair. It’s prompt you apply a moisturizing conditioner on prime of the carrot oil treatment. Cover your hair with a cap and set yourself below a blow dryer for half-hour. Wash it out fully and then your hair. Enjoy your soft and moisturized hair.

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You Can Stop Computer Viruses

Submitted by: Robert Ing

Hardly a day goes by when you don t hear about a computer virus in the news or from someone you know. As a matter of fact, there are well over 8,000 active computer viruses in the world in any given twenty-four period and 5 new viruses are introduced daily. The majority of computers will catch a virus through an e-mail attachment or link. Most viruses will use an infected computers address book to distribute themselves, so you are much more likely to receive a virus from someone you know rather than a total stranger.

However, the best way to identify whether or not any attachment could be a potential virus hazard is by looking at the extension (suffix) of the attached file. Hazardous file attachments are .pif, .exe, .com, .vbs, .bat, .bin, .dot, .reg, .js, .scr, .xlm and .dll. While this list is by no means exhaustive these are the definite ones to be on-guard for. In case you re wondering, catching a virus by file sharing is the second most popular way to get infected. File sharing whether you use removable disks, CDs, DVDs, memory cards/sticks or even synch cables can make your never connected to the Internet computer, vulnerable to catching a virus.

Protecting your computer from a computer virus infection is relatively easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. Put anti-virus software on all your computers whether they are Internet connected or not.


2. Don t open or download file attachments (attached files) in your e-mails. Especially the ones with the extensions .pif, .exe, .com, .vbs, .bat, .bin, .dot, .reg, .js, .scr, .xlm and .dll.

3. Don t click on links in the body of your e-mails.

4. Don t download software from web sites that you do not know.

5. Never install software on your computer unless you know where it came from.

6. Run a manual anti-virus scan for every 24 hours you use your computer.

7. Be sure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date. All anti-virus software products usually provide updates every 2 4 weeks and this service is free of charge to registered users for up to a year.

8. Received an e-mail from someone you know but didn t expect them to send you a file attachment? Call the person first, before downloading or opening the file attachment to confirm that it really came from them. Some virus programs are very good at making it look like they are just files sent to you from someone in yours or your friends e-mail address book.

9. Put firewall software on all your computers that are temporarily or permanently connected to the Internet.

If you follow these simple steps you should be able to stop a virus before it infects your computer.

Copyright 2005-2006 Dr. Robert Ing,

About the Author: Dr. Robert Ing is a forensic intelligence specialist and has appeared on North American news networks on the issues of technology crime, computer security, privacy and identity theft. For more articles by Dr. Robert Ing please visit


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Hardwood Flooring An Organic Investment

By Syrah Pompalona

There is a bounty of woods that can be utilized for hardwood flooring. They range from domestic woods such as walnut, pine, birch, rosewood, pecan, mesquite, pecan, hickory, ash or fir to imported exotics such as teak, bamboo (which is really a grass), mahogany, and Brazilian cherry (which is not really cherry but rather from the jatoba tree). Pine was the most popular wood used in Colonial America due to the abundance of forestation in North America. However, today oak is the wood most preferred for hardwood flooring and it comes two colors. White oak is the most popular and has a more conventional appearance with its grey or golden tones. Red oak is less expensive and somewhat less durable. However, its tones can be optimal for a particular room ambience. As they are both light in shade, red or white oak can give a sizable room an open and uncluttered look. Maple is the next most commonly used wood for flooring and quilted maple is the favorite as it is tan in color and has undulating darker bands throughout. ‘Fiddleback’ or flame maple has parallel stripes that alternate light to dark. Tiger or ‘birdseye’ maple is a light color infiltrated with whirls of darker ‘eyes.’ Oak and maple are terrific choices for heavily trafficked such as hallways and kitchens due to their resiliency and toughness.

American cherry is also a popular wood used for flooring as it has a fine textured grain and comes in a variety of colors from pink to burgundy. When exposed to the sun, this wood oxidizes and deepens in color. It is more suitable for areas of a home that are less trafficked as it is softer than oak or maple. Brazilian cherry has to be imported and it is less expensive than American cherry. It is one of the hardest woods in the world. Many types of wood can be combined to make variegated flooring areas with cuts are inserted into patterns such as herringbone or basket weave. Varnishes such as high or medium gloss or a flat finish can also enhance the stylishness of a room.


Hardwood flooring is the platform upon which family life plays out. Natural wood has been used for centuries to bring elegance to a many of styles of homes. Hardwood flooring is the epitome of an elegant home around the world. It is an organic material that provides an earthy basis for many types of home decor. The moisture control surface discourages the development of fungus and bacteria as well as the accumulation of dust. Long before vinyl was developed in 1860 or wall-to-wall carpeting in the 1970s, natural wood flooring has been used in vintage homes. Despite the high initial financial outlay, it is an investment that adds to the resale value of the home. A damp mop can maintain your hardwood floors easily, and they can be sanded and re-stained to restore them. They are also an organic backdrop for area rugs and are very compatible with marble, granite, carpeted areas. Hardwood flooring is generally installed in a ‘strong joint’ or ‘tongue and groove’ manner, and he planks can be cut in different widths and laid vertically, horizontally, or angled.

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