Hp C8011 A:Dds 6 (Dat160) Most Economical | Data Storage Tape

HP C8011A:DDS 6 (DAT160) Most Economical | Data Storage Tape


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Hewlett Packard and Sony developed the DDS digital data storage system back in mid 90, s. which is particularly developed for small and medium size companies that are relying on their corporative data and important information. DDS offered everything complying with all sorts of data storage demands and with very low cost which is most attractive aspect of these DDS tapes. Modern day s businesses are mostly relay on their preserved data and sensitive information and they must have to protect this important information for their business growth. Government rules and regulations authorities also imposing very tough and strict laws for data protections and lose. Therefore DDS become a most ideally perfect and tough data storage tape impression, which wholly changed the data storage reality. DDS offer robust, flawless scalability, faster access and good storing ability.

HP developed DDS tapes with Sony and continuing working on its improvements and enhancements. HP DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4 (DAT40), DDS5 (DAT 72) proved their best performance through the most demanding environments for data storage capacity. Most small and medium size businesses are mostly relying on HP DDS products for better and reliable quality and performance.

HP C8011A

, is 6th version of long DDS tape lineup, HP DDS 6 is a more improved data storage tape with features like data storage capacity, transfer speed, coating technique and many other enhanced characteristic. The robust HP C8011A DDS 6, offer more reliability, superior performance with very low cost expenditures. That is why the all small and medium size ventures, busy database centers, storage networks, departmental data storage servers, educational data centers, healthcare data centers and even governments departments prefer HP DDS tapes. HP DDS 6, offer very reliable compatibility with DAT 160 tape drives and presents a rock-solid stand for smooth data backup and archiving processes. And these tapes also offer backward compatibility with earlier DDS tapes with fully read and write ability. This is most economical aspect of any business.

HP DDS 6 tape

, offered huge data storage capacity with 80GB (native) and 160 GB (compressed) with good improved data transfer speed. This huge boost gives more satisfaction to SMBs that are very conscience about their data and important information. It is further safe their investment and extra human interference during daily base loading or unloading operations. Data managers can uses these HP DDS 6 tapes, with newly developed DDS6 tape drive which offer complete compatibility, rack mount models or according to specific requirements and these drives flawlessly able to perform into the very hard, harsh and busy computing systems in any ecological conditions and offer best reliable performance with tape cartridge.


HP C8011A DAT160, also worked on its tape quality and uses very high performance coating technique which enables tape to work more smoothly and evenly with tape drive. The strong surface of the tape also offer larger recording tracks which enabling the cartridge to store more data. HP C8011A DDS6, cartridge is very compact sized so these can be carrying anywhere with fully guarantee and without risking the veracity of storage data. Robust data protection, very economical costs, long lasting archival preservation and very flawless scalability make the HP DDS-6, the most ideal and reliable data storage tape among the all business and enterprises.

HP C8011A or HP DAT 160 is the 6th DDS format data storage tape which offers huge improved storage capacity and transfer speed with other reliable features.

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