How To Get Back The Guy Who Dumped You Make Him See He Needs You

Being dumped by your boyfriend might seem like the end of your relationship with him, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make him come crawling back and say how sorry he is to have hurt you. However to do this, you must make him realize how much he needs you. He has to be as desperate to get you back as you are to have him back. But how can you do this when he won’t talk to you?

The answer to that question is, you won’t get your ex back by trying to communicate with him. At least not within a month of the time he dumped you. He has to have time by himself. He needs to see what his life is like without you. When you accept the breakup and do not try to contact your guy or tell him how much you need him, he will start to wonder if he did the right thing.

Once you get him started to wondering if he did the right thing, you will be inside his head and you can start pushing his emotional hot buttons. By ignoring him and acting like you are fine with the breakup, you will cause your ex to start having the same feelings of being rejected as you are having. Since men have a hard time handling rejection, he will have to do something about it.


At first, you might be surprised to catch a glimpse of him now and then at the mall or some other public place. Then he will send you an email and ask how you are doing. This will be a way of seeing if you are still waiting around for him. If you answer right away, he will dump you again, so don’t answer his email at all.

His next move will be to call you, but don’t take his phone calls either. Look, this guy dumped you, so you don’t owe him a thing. You want him back, but it has to be because he wants to come back. If you get him back out of pity for you, he will dump you again. The only way to get a man back and make him stay is to make him see that his life without you sucks.

As long as you are running after him and showing how needy you are, he has a good reason for dumping you. But when you go about your life as if you never knew him, you are showing the world a strong, confident woman who can take care of herself. When his friends see what a great woman he let get away, he will be looked at like he is nuts.

It won’t be just his friends who think he is nuts, but he will feel the same way. All of the actions you have taken has been using male psychology to push your ex boyfriend’s hot buttons. This is not trickery. It is simply using the way a guy thinks to make him realize he made a mistake. After all he wouldn’t be desperate to have you back if he didn’t miss and love you. All you have done is make him wake up to this fact.

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