Expected Learning Outcomes From A Business Management Game

byAlma Abell

Management, on any level and in any sized company, business or organization, is really a very lonely position. Rarely to managers have the ability to actually talk about how and why they make decisions and compare that to others. Using a business management game for your next training, manager retreat, or professional development day can turn this around.

When managers do get together, especially in today’s highly competitive business market, it can seem that admissions of not really having a strategy or not knowing how to proceed can be seen as a weakness. When you take the managers out of the workplace but still have them working on a realistic type of business management game those issues can be openly discussed without any awkwardness.


The Listening and Learning Outcome

Even for managers that may be struggling with management skills, sitting and playing a game with other managers at the same level or more senior professionals in the company provides an invaluable learning experience.

A business management game provides each manager the opportunity to not only gain business knowledge and acumen, but to also see other managers in action. Unlike in the workplace there is the opportunity to witness the problem solving, financial and industry specific choices that are made and then see what the outcome is without stress sand pressure.

Increased Skill Development

With a business management game that includes all aspects of company management and growth anyone playing the game is going to gain an understanding of overall management. However, the games are also carefully designed to provide challenges or obstacles to just simply growing the business, so additional business problem solving skills are front and center in the game format.

With the general skills and business knowledge required for a top business management game it can be used in any industry, company or business and be highly relevant. Many of the top companies also provide a business with the opportunity to have a custom designed game that includes challenges, decisions and plans that are specific to the industry or business model.

These top business management game scenarios can be used on their own, or combined with the option for a hands-on training strategically planned for after the game. This is a great option and allows your management staff to be guided through the important learning outcomes of playing the game.

To play a top business management game as part of your next professional training.