Business Card Tips What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

By Lauren Tate

What does your current business card say about you? Do you know? Are you losing clients with your card?

You may think of a business card as just simple information that you pass out to clients or potential clients. But it’s actually a lot more than that.

Within the first 3 seconds of handing someone your card, they will make an assessment about your business by looking at your card.

They will decide within that first 3 seconds if you are professional, trustworthy and worth doing business with. Of course, there are other things that play into that decision as well – but your business card can make or break an already positive impression.

So how can you make sure you are sending the right message? Here are 3 key business card tips that will make sure you look professional and trustworthy:


#1 Make It Full Color

While years ago, black and white cards were ok, today with the advent of so many professional printers, it’s easy to step up to the plate and add some color. Full color cards are the best option.

People are drawn to full color cards – just as they prefer full color movies or full color pictures over black and white. Black and white cards say you couldn’t afford to step up to full color – or that you don’t care very much about the impression you make. It’s kind of like wearing an old track suit to a business meeting.

#2 Use a Heavy Card Stock

If you’re trying to send the impression of professionalism – and especially if you are appealing to the more affluent client base, you need a heavy card stock. Try a 14 pt. stock or higher.

Even if you have to pay a bit more for a heavy card stock, it’s worth it. One of the first things people notice is the thickness and heaviness of the card you give them. And a lightweight card that’s been printed off your computer at home is a huge turn-off.

#3 Print on Both the Front and Back

Most online business card printers will give you the option of printing on one side or both sides. If you can, I’d suggest you print the main information on the front and use the back for something as well.

Using the back is handy because, again, it sends the message that your business is successful. Plus if your card is placed face down on a table or something, the message printed on the back will catch people’s eye and they may want to pick up your card to read more.

Also, the back is another way to build your brand and advertise your services. For example, if you’re an artist you may want to showcase a picture of your work on the back. If you’ve won awards, you may want to list them on the back.

You may want to put your logo and favorite inspirational saying on the back. Other people put a coupon on the back (or a link to an online coupon website) which may help ensure people keep your card handy.

Plus, it doesn’t cost that much more to print on the front and back so it may be well worth your time.

To me a thick, full color card with printing on the front and back tells me this person is professional and probably has more business than he can handle. So I would definitely want to do business with him. Make sure your next business card has these 3 things and you’re well on your way to making a great first impression!

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The Thinking Behind Uniforms

By Simona Rusnakova

Uniforms are a part of life for people in many different professions. There are many reasons why these uniforms are used for these professions. Some of them will have a long history behind them. There are also different uniforms for a single profession that you should know about.

School Uniforms

School uniforms are used by many schools for a number of reasons. One of the principles behind school uniforms is a sense of unity and that no person is better than another. These uniforms will be different from school to school as they often include school colours.

Nurses Uniforms

A nurse uniform serves two very important purposes. The first is for hygiene reasons and the other is for identification. This uniform has changes over the years from the original created in the 19th century. The first uniform was based off the nuns’ habit. The reason for this was that nuns were the people who looked after the sick. Today nurses either wear traditional uniforms or scrubs.


Salon Uniforms

Salon uniforms are a bit trickier to understand. The main principle behind them is professionalism and hygiene. Most people will feel more comfortable in a salon with someone who is in some form of uniform. Without the uniform people may feel that they are not as professional. In salons professionals also work with chemicals when dying hair so it is in their best interest to wear a uniform in case any of the chemical lands in them.

Military Uniforms

Military uniforms are the uniforms that have changed the most. Traditionally military uniforms were more elaborate with light colours and trimmings. Today the uniform is more utilitarian. The military uniform can be traced back thousands of years into antiquity. Records of military dress have been found referring to the red garment of the Spartan hoplite and the members of Hannibal’s army.

Healthcare Uniforms

Healthcare uniforms are worn by anyone who works in the healthcare industry. This will include nurses, doctors and support staff like radiologists. In America most healthcare personnel will wear scrubs. Certain hospitals will have different coloured scrubs to identify different healthcare personnel. In other countries nurses still wear traditional tunics or pants while doctors generally wear their own clothes covered by a white jacket. All doctors will wear scrubs when they are in surgery for hygiene purposes.

Chef Uniforms

The chef uniform as we know it dates back to the mid-19th century. Marie-Antoine Careme is the person credited with the creation of the modern chef’s uniform. The toque or chef’s hat was already in place but she introduced the white jacket to symbolise cleanliness. The jacket also protects the chef from the heat of the stove. The material used to manufacture the jacket will be flame resistant and the buttons will be hardy. The toque dates further back to the 16th century when hats were worn by many professions.

Uniforms are a part of live for many people. Each uniform will symbolise something different depending on the use and the profession. Professionalism is often the reason behind a uniform but it may also be for hygiene or for control.

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Self Storage Facilities In Minneapolis, Mn Can Help You Reorganize Your Life

byAlma Abell

All of us tend to accumulate belongings over the years and it can get to the point that we are slowly being squeezed out of our homes by them. The day comes when we look around and marvel at how we came to have so many boxes that we can no longer fit the car into the garage. These aren’t necessarily boxes of items we want to discard, but since we only go through them on rare occasions, other storage arrangements may be needed. That way we know our items will be safe, and we can reclaim the lost space they’ve been taking up and make better use of it.Self Storage Facilities in Minneapolis, MN can offer you a number of secure storage options for your belongings. They have a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs, and you can choose whether you need climate-controlled storage or not. Your items will be locked in a facility that is gated and monitored by digital video cameras at all times. There is also outdoor storage available if you need a secure location to store your RV, boat, or snowmobiles in the off-season.


Moving your items to a storage facility will also provide you with an opportunity to go through them, decide on their disposition, and organize them. You can decide what you need to keep at the house, what you can donate to charity, what can be discarded, and what may fetch a good price at a yard sale. Once you’ve made your determinations on your belongings, you can organize the items to store, box them up again, seal them, label them, and haul them off to their new home.

Taking advantage of reputable Self Storage Facilities in Minneapolis MN can have a lot of benefits; using the space you’ve managed to reclaim by moving your items out is almost like adding rooms onto your house. You can actually use that extra bedroom for guests or crafting, where you had boxes stacked up in the basement can make a great new area for hobbies, and your car can once again be protected from the elements in a garage that is not take up with recreational items or more boxes.

Minikahda Mini Storage has a number of locations, and a variety of storage units for you to take advantage of, all at reasonable rates.

The Duties Of A Security Officer


As a security officer, it is your job to protect your employer’s building and other property. Security officers and guards work in many settings-;universities, banks, museums and other public buildings are all guarded. If you are considering becoming a security officer, read further for tips on what to expect.

Job Duties of Security OfficersYour daily job description depends on the type of facility which you’ll be protecting, be it an apartment complex, hospital or retail outlet, and whether you’re a stationary or mobile guard. In general, you’ll be responsible for the enforcement of rules, upholding public safety and responding to security issues. Your duties fall into three main categories: communication, response and prevention, which are described in greater detail below.

CommunicationTo be effective, Security Officers Kansas City must be able to communicate with citizens. For instance, you may have to help someone in trouble, offer directions to someone who’s lost, or render first aid to someone who’s hurt. Depending on your facility, you may be charged with checking people in and out of the building and searching them for dangerous or illicit objects.

ResponseYour responsibilities and duties during an incident may vary depending on whether you’re allowed to carry a weapon, and on state licensure laws. You might be asked to remove a disruptive person from the building, manage a crowd, or sweep for intruders. If you are guarding by yourself, you’ll likely handle other problems such as medical emergencies and fires by notifying the appropriate service and helping to contain the problem to the best of your ability.

PreventionYour presence may deter petty crimes such as assault, vandalism and theft. As a security officer, you will patrol the entire premises, watching for anyone behaving unusually or causing a security issue. You may also be assigned to a specific post, where you will watch security monitors; if you are protecting a closed facility, you might need a key card to prove that you’ve checked key areas, and you’re likely to be asked for a written report at the end of each shift.

Those wanting to become Security Officers Kansas City will need a high-school diploma or its equivalent, but in some cases you may need to pass an exam, complete training and submit to drug screens and background checks. Some employers seek applicants with prior military or law enforcement experience, but most offer on the job training to qualified people.