Bbq Catering For Your Event

BBQ catering is one of the options you may wish to consider when you are planning a festive, fun event. From the backyard to the formal dining room table, you can host an event with this type of themed menu. Some of the best caterers offer full menus with a traditional barbeque theme to them. This can help to put guests in a good mood and offer them a more relaxing style of meal when compared to a traditional, formal evening.If you are planning to use BBQ catering, you still need to plan a menu that is going to offer a number of options for your guests. It is very easy to get carried away with numerous protein choices, but the other foods, including the desserts, have to fit with the theme as well. You may wish to offer two or three protein choices at the most. These will likely have the traditional flavorings. You also should offer three to four side dishes, including bread.Work with the professional caterer to plan a menu that is appropriate for the type of event you are hosting. It is a good idea to invest in a caterer that specializes in this type of menu, since it will ensure that the food tastes as good as you hope it will.If you are using a professional BBQ catering company, you will find it is easy to pull off this themed event. With a few tips, you will make sure everyone who attends is happy, too.Be sure to consider everyone’s needs. You do not want to serve only protein or meat dishes. Offer barbequed options with vegetables, too.Watch the sauce. You do not have to offer numerous flavors for guests to choose, but you may want to monitor the heat level. Children and those who do not like a lot of spice can easily be overcome with too much heat.Do plan to offer foods with a healthy kick, too. These types of menus tend to be heavy on the sugars and salts. Be sure to offer a variety of healthy choices for guests, as well as those with more carbs.BBQ catering can be a fun way to host an event. Be sure to bring along plenty of napkins. Prepare guests ahead of time, too. You do not want them to wear their best clothing only to drip sauce down their shirt. This type of menu can create a more relaxing, laid-back experience than a formal dinner, but it can still be a memorable one. Select a professional company to help you through the process from start to finish.


Cabbage Soup Recipe Help To Lose Weight?

By Alan Bullington

The trick to the cabbage soup diet really is more than just a special cabbage soup recipe. There is a trick to the diet, but you can lose weight fast if you eat this way. Like most diets though, change your ways or the weight comes back. Read on for the trick to the diet and how it can help with long term weight loss.

Cabbage soup makes for a great filler and that’s what makes it central to the diet. Maybe that is one reason this diet has endured and still remains popular as it has been for many years. See, you can eat all the cabbage soup you want whenever you want for the week of the diet.

By providing this way to stay filled up you can avoid that caved in, starved feeling that can making a diet miserable torture. The plan provides specific instructions on what to eat and what to avoid for each of the seven days of the plan.


Each day you get to eat just certain foods but what you eat changes each day. That way it’s less likely that you get bored and just give up in disgust. Another plus is that there are no really exotic expensive foods to buy. Included are vegetables, fruits, meat and even milk, but no breads and sweets.

Therein lies the trick to the almost sure weight loss. Missing from the foods allowed are all sweets and breads as well as most fats. What you end up with is a calorie restricted diet that’s also low in fat as well. It’s a sure thing that most people lose weight eating like this.

Is this a great way to eat? It surely is not a long-term way to eat. A body needs more variety as well as more carbohydrates and more fats as well. But, after all, this is just a one week eating diet, not a suggested new lifestyle or anything. In fact as with most diets, this eating plan may well mean you gain weight after the diet ends rather than losing weight. As you probably realize most diets cause metabolism shifts which really cause dieters to slowly gain weight over time rather than losing weight. That means the diet should be part of some changes that must and should take place rather than just an isolated diet with questionable benefits.

As a relatively easy way to drop a few pounds, this could be a motivation as part of a more balanced long-term eating change. Weight loss above about a pound a week is usually not sustainable. But that’s so slow, it feels like progress is completely missing. That’s why a short burst of weight loss can be somewhat encouraging and then you can go right back to a more reasonable way to eat.

A good cabbage soup recipe not only tastes good, it can help you lose weight and move toward a more reasonable eating plan. There is no reason for cabbage soup to be dull and boring either. With some thought, soup recipes can be fun and very tasty.

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The Quandary Of Eating With A Big Fat Ass

By Laura Banks And Janette Barber

In our new book, Embracing Your Big Fat Ass (Atria), we say what everybody knows by now: Diets dont work. Ouch, in fact they hurt. They cause you to end up losing lean muscle mass and increasing fat in the muscle/fat ratio thing that causes you to burn fewer and few calories because muscle burns more calories than fat you can eat more. So if we have more fat then we burn fewer calories doing exactly the same thing as the annoying thin people. Hrmph.

While we do think restrictive diets dont work, we do think that everybody even the skinniest of Minnies have to try to eat in a healthier way. Fruit and vegetables have been proven in all kinds of studies to make a significant impact on diseases like cancer and Alzheimers. Soyeah. We dont believe in going on all the tormentuous, restrictive, often expensive diets out there; we do believe in making a daily effort to live healthier lives regardless of the size, shape or rubbery-ness of our hind quarters.

Were saying: Live life. Love yourself. And do the darn best you can with the eating thing. Were not going any further than that and dont push us or Janette will bite back. Speaking ofJanette is an actual, real-life expert in cooking. She had her own cooking show on the TV Food Network for crackers sake. (Clever, huh? Crackerscookingget it??!) Okay. She really can cook, look her up, shes a Celebrity Chef! So there. If you want dessert come to our website and go In the Kitchen at Janettes Blog. She posted her newest invention Peanut Butter Makeover Cookies. Shes replaced all the fat with a secret ingredient. And theres lots more fiber. Yum. But for now we leave you with one of her favorite recipes to prove that eating your vegetables isnt so hard after all.

Janettes Spinach Baseballs in a Whole Wheat Mitt



4 whole wheat pocket-less pitas

Vegetable cooking spray

Salt and pepper

teaspoon red pepper flakes



1 cup Italian breadcrumbs

teaspoon nutmeg

cup grated parmesan

1 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

medium white onion, finely chopped

red pepper, seeded and de-veined and finely chopped,

cup chopped fresh basil

1 Portobello mushroom, stemmed, cleaned and finely chopped

1 pound fresh spinach, steamed and well squeezed and chopped

5 egg whites

2 cups spicy Marinara sauce, such as Classico, heated

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.


Using your hand for a model, cut each pita loaf into the shape of a baseball glove, separating each finger. Place each in small oven proof bowl and push down in center to conform to the shape of the bowl. Spray the top of the pita with vegetable spray, sprinkle with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Bake for approximately 10 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool before removing from bowl.


In a large bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, nutmeg, parmesan, salt and pepper. Add the onions, peppers, basil, and Portobello mushroom and toss until well coated. Mix in the well drained spinach and stir until fully incorporated. Mix in the egg whites.

Form into 4 large baseball,s place on nonstick baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes.

To serve, place a spinach baseball in each whole wheat mitt. Top with cup marinara sauce and serve immediately.

Yield: 4 servings

Per serving

409 Calories


Total Grams of Fat


Grams of Saturated Fat


Grams of Fiber

About the Author: Laura Banks and Janette Barber are the bestselling authors of Embracing Your Big Fat Ass (Atria). They write about positive body-image, weight-acceptance, self-esteem with humor. It’s time to love your BFA (Big Fat Ass). Janette is a 6 time Emmy-Award winning producer/writer and Laura is a columnist at

Embracing Your Big Fat Ass



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Essential Tips For The Novice Smoker}

Essential Tips For The Novice Smoker


Writing a website full of BBQ Smoker Recipes is a time consuming business even at the best of times. I take pride in ensuring that the pictures I put up on my site are of food that I have cooked and not some glossy template purchased on the internet and I also want my recipes to be innovative. What I enjoy most of all is when readers use my feedback form with ideas for improvements to my site and also to suggest recipes, there’s so much creativity out there and to harness just a small amount of it is truly humbling.

It’s a two way street of course and just as I get some great free barbecue recipes in return and I also get a lot of questions to which answers are free of charge. Many of the questions start with the sentence I’ve just won / been given a smoker without any instructions and I’m gonna cook for 20 guests at the weekend, do you have any tips for me?”

I’m not sure about tips but my immediate reaction is a combination of:-

Lucky you winning a smoker

Cooking for 20 first time out, that’s a challenge………. Cooking for 20 first time out are you mad?

Barbecue cooking for any number of people is challenge enough but doing it on a piece of equipment that’s never been used before is really asking a lot. Nevertheless I always respond with my essential tips” for the novice smoker:-


1. Do a trial run. Not just to test your BBQ cooking abilities but also if the smoker is new it will be protected with an oily film that needs to be cleaned up. Just like any oven it’s important to give it a run otherwise your first food will not taste right.

2. Keep the temperature in the smoker between 230 – 250F

3. It’s indirect cooking so heat should no be directly under the food, put the drip tray here and this will help keep it moist.

4. If it’s a charcoal smoker the coals will start to cool after 60 mins so keep a steady stream on fresh charcoal available and change every 45 mins

5. Slow cooking is the order of the day and you’ll need to allow up to 90 mins cooking time per pound of meat

6. Many argue that after 5 hrs smoking, the smoke adds no further flavour so you can finish off in the conventional oven if you wish. (Just wrap the food in foil to keep it moist)

7. Don’t be tempted to lift the cover of the barbecue too often you only let the smoke out

8. Use a thermometer to check the internal temperature.

9. Practice makes perfect – don’t give up after the first attempt!

And that last point is so true, I’ve been cooking on grills and smokers for 20 years and I still get it wrong so don’t be too hard on yourself if at first you don’t succeed.

Even if you’re not a novice smoker, hopefully there’s something here for you to take away and you’ll have a happy and safe cookout or maybe you have got a tip for me?BBQ Smoker Recipes

– Free barbecue grill recipes & meat smoker cooking ideas on gas, charcoal or electric.

Free Barbecue Recipes

– Outdoor grilling tips, easy fire pit menus, healthy rotisserie suggestions, best homemade bbq sauce recipes.

Easy Barbecue Recipes

– Easy recipes for the smoker grill with lots of tips.

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Top Uses Of Propane Gas In Clinton


Propane gas occurs naturally on the composition of air on earth, but it one of the most versatile and widely used gases. It is used for most outdoor activities and in the primary industries for multiple purposes. From pool heaters, bathrooms, laundry rooms to kitchen appliances propane gas is in almost everything in a home. Besides home appliances, propane gas in Clinton is also in large-scale applications like furnaces, in hospitals, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and many buildings that require high energy levels.

The primary use of propane gas in Clinton is for heating purposes by homeowners who provide heat and power for their homes. Propane furnaces and space heaters utilize propane for increasing a home’s comfortability. It also warms floors using radiant floors which consist of heated water pumped underneath floor boards. The heat makes the house warmer and cleaner.

Secondly, cooking is made easier and faster by propane. Cooking gas in glass cylinders, propane-fueled ovens and ranges ensure one has control over the temperatures and also stoves that utilize propane are safer because they allow quick cooling of the burners when the heat has been turned off.

Thirdly, propane in high-performance dryers enhances efficiency in energy-saving features. The heating capacity of propane gas ensures drying of clothes without discoloring fabrics as compared to electric dryers. These machines also have sensing controls that shut the dyers once the clothes are dry.

Additionally, water heaters outwit electrical models because temperature adjusting is more precise and have heating elements that are more long-lasting. Propane water heaters are flexible and able to serve bathrooms, bathtubs, pools, sinks and other out building tasks.

Lastly, propane is used in generators because power outage happens, anytime and anywhere, therefore, causing a lot of inconveniences and health risks. Generators are a reliable source of energy in case of a blackout, and they either use propane or natural gas. Gas can serve the home lighting system for days and even weeks depending on the amount of gas installed. The portability and flexibility of propane gas make it a perfect choice for both internal and external appliances. For more information visit East River Energy.